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Via online course Mindfulness

Mindfulness is defined as

  • attention training
  • to be present in the here-and-now
  • attention without prejudice
  • acceptance of that what is

It is all that.

Mindfulness is a method that will learn you to deal in an accepting way  with all that presents itself in everyday life.

People are going to do mindfulness for many reasons: to experience more peace, to brood less, to be more able to deal with stress, to be able to concentrate better, to become happier, to enjoy more, to work more effectively, to sleep better, to relax better…

Mindfulness means seeing things as they really are. To do this, you will have to practice. It  comes to practice in observing, giving attention, no judgments, acceptance. This is done by performing all kinds of sitting and moving meditation exercises : sitting meditations, walking meditations, breath focus, yoga, qi gong, and the body scan.

The course:

6 x theory with exercises and personal coaching

Each course unit consists of a piece of theory, about the rationale behind the exercises and the exercises themselves.

You are supposed to do one course unit a week and apply the exercises of that course unit daily during the following week.

Every week you will receive an email with the theory, exercises and sound files associated with the meditations / exercises. In addition, we have 45 minutes of contact via Skype or Zoom once a week to answer any questions and practice together.

Optional is a full live online yoga class of 1.5 hours.

For a FREE introductory meeting or more information about the course, sign up at contact form.