Life on Samos

Several people have asked me to write a little more about my life on Samos. I will try, although I don’t really find my life on Samos very exciting. But maybe that’s just the charm now, in these turbulent times.

At the moment, life on Samos is certainly different from what I was used to in recent years. Then in May / June I was already absorbed in the hectic activities of tourism. Then you saw me running from one place to another on my scooter, to yoga classes on the beach or in a hotel or to some other job.

Now it is quiet. Fortunately, I have my online yoga classes, but there is no tourist in sight.

Life on Samos looks different, and to be honest, I like it. I can really enjoy my garden full of flowers and vegetables.

Every morning I pick some leaves from the verbena bush for a delicious Louisa tea and also a handful of strawberries for in my breakfast yoghurt.

I only have a small vegetable garden, but there is enough in it for me alone. Sometimes even a little too much. The last week I had the feeling that I was starting to turn red: I only ate beetroot! Beetroot quiche, beetroot soup, beetroot salad and a pasta with the leaves of… yes yes… the beetroot. And next week it will just continue….

But I now have the time to try out tasty recipes. And how rich I feel when I have prepared something (tasty) that comes from my own garden.

And not only that: the neighbor, who has a large olive grove and vegetable garden behind my house, brings me delicious cherries and other delicacies from his own garden. Spring is a time of plenty on Samos.

Public life actually “just” continues. Tavernas are open, but are only visited by a handful of Greeks. Sometimes you have to wait a while before you can enter the supermarket, because there are too many people inside. But the atmosphere on Samos is very relaxed.

I consider myself lucky and grateful that I found my place here on Samos, especially in these bizarre, uncertain times.

Below some more pictures from the past week.

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