Yoga mala’s and more

General use of mala’s

If you choose to meditate on your mala, you will most likely use a mantra. A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration. It can be as simple as the word ‘love,’ something you are thankful for, or a sanskrit phrase such as ‘om shanti, shanti, shanti’ which represents all encompassing peace.

To count your mantras, hold your mala in your hand and turn each bead with your thumb and middle finger. (The index finger is believed to represent ‘ego’ and is not recommended to turn the beads.)
Going all the way around your mala, you will eventually reach the guru bead — the bead that dangles from the mala. This signals a time for reflection. You can reflect on your meditation practice, give thanks to your mantra, honor your guru — or show yourself a moment of gratitude for slowing down to meditate. Never continue over the guru bead. Instead, turn around and continue in the opposite direction.
It’s widely believed that when one uses a mala for meditation, and makes it all the way around, they will have found enlightenment.

If you choose to meditate on your mala, be patient and kind to yourself. Your mind will surely wander. The practice of bringing your attention back to your mantra and your beads is the practice of mindfulness. Do so with kindness and without judgement.

Root chakra (Muladhara)

Gemstone: red Agate or red Jaspis
Central theme: survival, earthing, stability, primal trust, material certainty
Positive effect: developing the life energy, life will, vitality, self-preservation, perseverance, endurance, rhythm, connectedness with the earth and nature

Sacral chakra (Svadhisthana)

Gemstone: red Aventurine
Central theme: creativity, sexuality, self-awareness
Positive effect: self-esteem, body awareness, vitality, creativity, fertility, passion, joy of life, sexual satisfaction, able to embrace change

Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)

Gemstone:  Tiger Eye
Central theme: will power, manifest, self-control, personality, distribution of life energy in the body
Positive effect: I-feeling, spontaneity, sense of responsibility, reliable

Heart chakra (Anahata)

Gemstone: Rose quartz
Central theme: love, compassion, affection, security
Positive effect: charity, compassion, group awareness, self-esteem, empathy, openness, being able to determine own limits

Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

Gemstone: Amazonite
Central theme: communication, word consciousness, inspiration, mental energy, independence, truth
Positive effect: good communicative qualities, good in listening, multifaceted interests, good learning and concentration, a fixed voice and a sure way of speaking, well-developed personality

Third eye chakra (Ajna)

Gemstone: Lapis Lazulli
Central theme: intuition, wisdom, direct observation, fantasy
Positive effect: soul connection, self-awareness, creative energy, intuition, sudden insights, healing energy, imagination, being open to new ideas

Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

Gemstone: Amethyst
Central theme: spirituality, experience of the spiritual world, cosmic association, self-realization, enlightenment
Positive effect: connectedness with the universe, spiritual strength, spiritual orientation, all-encompassing knowledge, inner perception, feeling of deep peace and harmony

All chakras

Gemstones from all chakras and mountain crystal

Mountain crystal has enormous healing power, cleans the chakras and brings them into balance, promotes concentration and clear thinking


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