Daisy, my dog ​​on Samos

Recently I saw some photos and videos on my computer, and then suddenly the story of Daisy, my dog ​​on Samos, came up. We know each other now for 2 years, but we have already had many adventures.

In the first place, as a young puppy of 4 months old, she was found on the street near the hotel where I worked at that time. I thought she was very cute, but I am (was) a cat person so I didn’t seriously consider bringing a dog home. Until the next day the people who had taken care of her for a day told me that they would take her to the shelter here on Samos. Without thinking, I then said: “Bring her home to me”. I couldn’t bear to send her to an overcrowded shelter.

Dog in the garden

I was at work that day, so when I got home later, there was a dog in my yard. Fortunately they had added some food, because of course I had nothing in the house for her: no food, no collar, no leash. So for the first few days I had to tie her (however terrible) to the tree by a rope. I was afraid she would walk away otherwise.

After 2 days, when I came home after a day of walking with a group of tourists… .noooo…. dog gone… .the rope was bitten… but after 1 minute she came running back to me, happily. She showed me that she liked it with me and that she would stay around… so I no longer had to tie her up. And we’ve been buddies ever since.

On the way with Daisy

Daisy accompanies me on the scooter to the yoga classes at the surfcenter. She is relaxed and waiting for me to finish and then it goes back home on the scooter.

In the spring and autumn she walks with the group when I have my yoga hiking weeks. She loves to go out with a group of people and she naturally accepts all the attention. And people love Daisy.

Last year we even went on holiday together for a few days, to Ikaria. On the scooter of course.

Daisy’s puppies

But the greatest adventure we’ve had together so far is the birth of her six (!) puppies. That was of course not planned, but one moment of inattention was enough, unfortunately. Then I had a hard time, because how do I find a good home for all six?

From day one, I’ve posted photos and videos of the little ones on Facebook and distributed flyers here on Samos.

And to my great relief I managed to find a good home for all six: 3 in the Netherlands, 3 on Samos.

And that is why I can now look back on perhaps a very busy period of 2 months, but a period that I did not like to have missed. They were very cute, those little ones.

The trip to the Netherlands with 3 puppies was of course not that easy. I have been on the way with them for 22 hours. It was in the winter, so there were no direct flights to Amsterdam. And in the small propeller planes from Samos to Athens, 3 puppies are not allowed to be transported in a box. So I first had to take the boat to Athens, then with a special animal taxi (they really exist… ) to the airport.

Their papers were strictly checked at customs and their box was specially “searched”. And then they were allowed to go through customs and I only saw them back again at Schiphol.

But the little ones behaved very well during the whole trip. Actually, they have been sleeping right next to each other all the time.

Fortunately, the new owners were waiting at Schiphol and I was able to transfer them in good order… ppffff…. what a relief…

And then I could stay with my family in the Netherlands in peace for a few more weeks.

Daisy and the two cats stayed at home when I was away from home for this extended period of time. Via the website I found people who wanted to look after my house and the animals. I have done this twice so far, to the satisfaction of all parties.

P.S. as soon as possible I had Daisy sterilized of course. So it won’t happen again…

If you would like to respond to this message… please! I always enjoy reading the comments. But first enjoy the photos and videos!

Daisy on the scooter
There they come…

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