Are you stuck in your job or are you even sick at home with an (upcoming) burnout?
Do you ever wonder if you lead the life that suits you?
Are you a highly sensitive person and do you feel that this feature limits you?
Do you want to put a new step in your life, but you don’t know exactly how or what?

In all cases, it is good to research what exactly is going on. Only then can you determine what is the best next step. Whether this is for work or for personal matters.

In a Mindful Analysis*-process you do this research by writing, by e-mail. During this process, you are accompanied by me daily for a week.

Together, we look for the right way to connect with yourself, so you can take the right decisions.

I read carefully your writings, ask questions and lead you through an intensive process.
That self-examination will let you see how things work, how they were created and what to do about it. It brings to light your own authentic power.

And at the end of a week Mindful Analysis you can go on: stronger, full of confidence and self-knowledge.

By emailing with each other daily (during working days) we go looking for:

  • what your current situation is
  • what is your role in it
  • what you want to change and what goals you want to make yourself
  • what you need to do to achieve those goals

You will find that by writing down what you think, feel and do the insight into yourself and your situation greatly increases.

Why coaching by email?

  • no wait times
  • no travel time
  • it is easily accessible
  • you are in your own familiar surroundings
  • you can e-mail at the time that suits you best
  • there is more time for reflection, what benefits the process
  • by daily contact you keep focused
  • by daily contact it is possible to react directly to situations
  • through daily contact the process takes only a few days
  • you build your own file. So you can follow your own progress.

Mindful Analysis is suitable for people with:

Personal questions

Do you have any questions you can not talk about to anyone and which require professional support?
Would you like to handle major events in peace and security?
Do you need a profound, intelligent self analysis?
Do you wonder where your power and energy as ‘it used to be’ are gone…?
Or are you maybe at a point in life with important choices or change processes?
Are you looking for meaning in life and spirituality?

Questions about outplacement and career orientation

Are you at home with a burnout, is it referred to as (impending) dismissal or do you want to orient yourself for other reasons on your future career?

Mindful Analysis is a simple and fast way to find out what you’re good at and where your heart yearns for.

High sensitivity

Coaching by email is ideal for highly sensitive persons.
A high sensitive person is in his or her thoughts and feelings soon distracted by stimuli from the outside. These incentives are in a Mindful Analysis-process virtually absent. You’re sitting in your own environment at the computer and stay in your own flow.
And because of the non simultaneous encounter there is enough peace and space to clarify your own feelings and thoughts.


A week Mindful Analysis, five working days of intensive guidance in writing, costs € 300,- ex VAT.
Longer routes are possible in consultation.
Mindful Analysis is referred to by a number of health insurance companies to be partly reimbursed.
In the case of work-related issues, the employer may provide a contribution towards the costs.

* The methodology Mindful Analysis is conceived and developed by Mirjam Windrich.

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